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Tax Embezzlement; Private School Claims to Earn Merely Rs.10900 per Annum.

By: Wajahat Ahmed Ghous

Mirpur: Bluebells school system Mirpur submits bogus statistics and documents to FBISE to get the affiliation. School claims to earn Rs.10900 per year.

The private schools educational terrorism continues in Azad Kashmir as document revealed that registration to private schools is being given without scrutiny and verification. It was revealed that private schools submits bogus documents to get affiliation with educational boards and education departments.

The documents received from Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad (FBISE) shows that the BlueBells School System in Mirpur which is affiliated with FBISE under the Code of 6768 claims to earn a profit of only Rs:10900 annually. The data provided by the school authorities to FBISE at time of registration shows that the school claims to earn Rs 5080900 annually and their annual expenditure is 5070000 and so their annual profit is Rs 10900.

The school was given affiliation despite obvious attempt to provide bogus statistics to avoid tax invasion furthermore the school does not fulfil other basic requirements. The school principal refused to admit the allegations and stated that it is just a typographical mistake and they had no malafide intentions. The District Education Officer Mirpur refused to give any stance on the matter.