The AJK Government takes Notice of undue delay in the Construction of Rathoa Haryam Bridge.

By: Wajahat Ahmad Ghous.

Mirpur: The Azad Kashmir Government takes notice of undue delay in the construction of the Rathoa Haryam bridge. The Secretary Communications and works issued a show cause notice to the Project Director of Rathoa Haryam Bridge and inquired about the continuous delay in completion of the project.

The letter dated 29-July-2020 addressed to the Project Director Rathoa Haryam Bridge states that the Project Director was directed on 19-February-2020 to coordinate with the Secretary KA & GB to address the technical issue with regard to the construction of the bridge but he failed to comply with directives and no action has yet been taken. The letter further alleges the Project Director for his unprofessional attitude and inefficiency which deems appropriate to be inquired.

The Secretary Works further emphasized that the undue delay should be resolved on earliest and have asked the Project Director to submit his concrete reply within 15 Days or else the project would be recommended to Accountability Bureau for inquiry.

Left to Right: The show cause letter issued to Project Director and the letter written to Prime Minister Pakistan by Civil Society.

The delay came in limelight after Civil Society led by Mr. Justice Azam Khan, Former Chief Justice Azad Kashmir wrote a letter to the Premier of Pakistan and protested on undue and unprecedented delay in the completion of the project. The overseas Kashmiris have also played their role in highlighting the issue.

The locals have shown dissatisfaction with the action sorted and alleged it as an eyewash. They have shown reservations on the letter and stated that it seems that the Project Director is being made a scapegoat and real culprits are being protected. The uprightness demands that the action must be sorted out against the Works Department as it is not the fault of an individual but the collective responsibility